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Thriving Online: Industries Succeeding in E-Commerce

Thriving Online: Industries Succeeding in E-Commerce

Take a second and ponder this question: how often do you realize that you need to buy an item, consider driving out to X store to buy said item, and then decide against it, muttering, “I can just buy that on Amazon”.

I’m willing to bet that most of you are nodding to yourself right now.

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Consumers are shifting from shopping at brick and mortar stores to conducting the majority of their transactions over the Internet, and businesses are taking notice. These days, it seems as if every business maintains a website, and more often than not, offers products or services for sale online. However, certain industries have experienced more success with e-commerce efforts than others. I took a look at research conducted by BigCommerce to determine which industries are dominating the e-commerce world; did yours make the list?

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1) Clothing/Shoes/Accessories

Chances are, your favorite mall retailer has an online store. While some may hesitate to purchase clothing or shoes without the “try before you buy option”, retailers are working to eliminate this worry by providing features such as in-depth sizing charts.

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2) Technology

Computers, smartphones and other forms of technology have proven to be popular online purchases. It’s a bit funny to think about; we use technology as a medium to purchase more technology! Nevertheless, tech industry giants like Apple and Google have a strong online presence and conduct many transactions over the Internet.

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3) Books/Movies/Music

Amazon, a driving force of the e-commerce boom, began as an online bookstore in 1994. Since then, it’s expanded to sell virtually any type of product you could think of, but still has a big stake in the book market. This is in part due to their original practice of selling hard copies online, but is also a product of the electronic copies of books sold through their eReader, the Kindle. While Amazon is a dominating player in this field, selling movies and music along with books, they are not without competitors. Both Google and Apple host platforms, Google Play and iTunes, respectively, on which they sell the same types of products.

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4) Health/Beauty Products

For those who want to spare themselves a trip to the local cosmetic shop or drugstore, you’re in luck; health and beauty products are becoming more widespread and available online. Stores with a brick and mortar presence, such as Sephora, often provide fancy features on their online stores, such as video tutorials demonstrating how to apply a certain product, or allowing the consumer to choose “freebie” items to add to your purchase.

If the past decade is any indication, it’s safe to say that e-commerce is the future of retail; it is expected to grow 8 to 12 percent in 2017 alone. As a business, it’s imperative that you offer customers what they want, and it’s clear that many want the option to shop online. If you’re not dabbling in the e-commerce world, now is definitely the time to begin.