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Why We Make Free Websites

Why We Make Free Websites

We are ScribbDev and we make free websites. No, not just templates. No, not a site builder either. We're designers with years of experience and we make websites based on what you request, free of charge. But why the hell would we do that? Because we’re entrepreneurs ourselves. We know the struggle behind launching a business. The long hours spent just to keep up with things, trying to make ends meet - it’s frustrating.

But at some point it’s also extremely rewarding. We’re rooting for every entrepreneur, every go- getter, every visionary out there for taking such a risk. The least we can do is make your journey easier and provide you with what we do best so you can focus on what you do best - your business. We don’t want to be another platform you use, or a freelancer you hire. We’re here with you every step of the way because we truly do want to see you succeed.

Now you’re probably thinking that’s nice and all, but still, why would we help random people we don’t know even know? Sounds crazy right?

free websites for business owners

Well we weren't always so generous. Just like everyone else, we used to charge prices ranging from the hundreds to the thousands for a website. And what’s even crazier is we knew guys that charged tens of thousands for basically the same types of websites - and they’re still doing this today! Why such high prices? Simply put, developers need to make a living, and they provide a skill that most people can’t do themselves but desperately need in today’s day and age.

The problem with this is that only a small handful of people can actually afford websites at these prices, but the pool of web designers is massive. This means we had to all compete against one another, often taking projects with unreasonable requests and deadlines or face being easily replaced by someone else.

That’s the tricky thing about web design: no one really knows what they want or understands what we do. We would work with a huge conglomerate and they’d hold us up for weeks while deciding if they want baby blue or coral blue for their page background. But if we worked with a small business owner the same thing would happen! They would want to see their homepage with 20 different header images before picking the best one. The problem? No one wants to pay for the extra hours put in, and just don’t understand the amount of work that goes into a website. And between these two groups, only one pays a price that makes the whole process worthwhile to us designers.

And as for everyone else that needed a website for their business or side gig but couldn't pay the premium? As much as we wanted to, we couldn’t take them as customers :( Designers gotta eat too.

free websites for business owners

Because so many people couldn’t get a professional designer, they had to take matters into their own hands. This started the whole wave of DIY website builders (Wix and Squarespace anyone?) that we’re now just beginning to move away from. Of course while these builders are handy, most DIYers overlook many of the key features that make a great website so useful. These websites are typically left sitting there on the internet as placeholders, and often don’t provide value for neither the owner or visitor.

Overall, this creates a miserable cycle for just about everyone involved. Small business owners aren’t happy because they can’t work with a quality designer and don’t have a useful website, only a placeholder. Quality designers aren’t happy because they can’t get clients that respect them and their time. Consumers aren’t happy because most of the business they are looking for either don’t have a website, or have one that doesn’t meet their needs.

free websites for business owners

The worst part is this is all still happening today. We’re tired of being burned by the big dogs, but even more tired at having to reject perfectly good people who are trying to get their businesses off the ground. It’s just not sustainable to keep doing things the way they are, and we want to be the innovators of the new wave of web design.

That’s exactly why we decided to make ScribbDev. Our goal is to streamline the process of owning a website by having everything created by an expert. We don’t waste your time scheduling appointments or making you do the research on competitor sites. And we never spend weeks going back and forth on trivial things like color or font type.

Instead what we do do is leverage data available to us to create smart solutions for your business. It’s really as simple as answering a quick questionnaire and letting our pros make you the best website you’ve ever had. You don’t have to lift a finger, and our designers don’t waste time guessing on what you might like. The result? Faster turnaround time than anywhere else, and a beautiful, customized website made for free.

Every single business needs a website. Not just a run-of-the-mill do it yourself website, but a modern, quality, and properly optimized website. One that works seamlessly on mobile, appears in search, and can actually be used to benefit your business instead of just sitting there.

No more having to build a website yourself using those “easy to use” builders. No more overpaying the local developer for an outdated template. It's the 21st century and you deserve a custom solution that won't break the bank - or waste your time.

We’re making websites for free because everyone should get a shot at their dreams. And we’re going to turn yours into a reality - one line of code at a time.



ScribbDev Editorial Team

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